Castable refractory for "crucible"

Since my extruder replacement now has a little bit more “umph” (breaks my filamet since I don’t have a Fila warmer) I decided to go ahead and focus on casting and firing a rectangular “crucible” (Don’t know the proper term for this).
I Purchased a silicone tissue box mold from Amazon and it just finished air drying, next is the firing.

After the fire this refractory allegedly can go up to 3k Fahrenheit which is plenty for what I’d need. The goal (and what I’ve already started 3D printing) would be to utilize more of my kiln space for larger pieces to sinter.

Anyways just sharing a side project while I wait for :snail::incoming_envelope:

Looks great, I think the square ones are called Sintering boats. I have a similar plan but will be lazy and buy one so I can print longer flat type of items.

Thanks, I like the term “sinter boat” :slight_smile:

Ooooh, this is exactly what I want to try. One of the problems I’ve noticed is that if you bury multiple parts in the same refractory at different heights then they will heat/sinter at different rates. Bring able to have a large flat area to put them on should hopefully make things more consistent though.

After fire pics

Upa’s for reference (3 could probably fit at once in my “boat”)

Will probably apply another layer for the cracks and let dry

This is awesome! I’ve been working on a crucible for sintering that would be just the perfect shape. I’m going to start sharing the results of my experiments. Thank you for starting this thread.

Here’s a file that one of our Oak Ridge National Labs people sent me last year. This was made in the 1950’s and is all public domain. There’s a lot of great info to be scavenged in this document.


Interesting, I’ve been trying this out with a premix refractory and already “scaled” up a bit with a printed box mold

It’s been drying for a few days and I haven’t tried taking it apart yet… so there’s still a pretty high chance it might crack or something, but I’ll keep trying if it doesn’t come out right the first go