Cool Sintering Video/Illustration

This video illustrates sintering iron powder that has been PRE-ALLOYED, COOL!

There’s a ton more info on sintering Iron on this website also. TVF makes a high-carbon iron filament, the information on this website will help those of you that are working on sintering it.

Just remember, Sintering is just Sintering, the fact that it was made via 3d printing, or filament, or whatever is not relevant. It’s all the same thing regardless of how you form the powders.

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Horizon’s workshop seems pretty awesome ( clean, digital, automatized)
It is a performance knowing powder metal production process !

I share a little video to discover this techno :

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@BradleyWoods This reminded me that others here might be interested in my indexed videos. I do software by trade and one of my side projects was a tool to build a database of youtube links / data on topics I find interesting (metalworking is of course one of those).
these might not all be relevant and some may completely be offtopic, but there might be a few gems in the pile. I’ve been cataloging for a few months, so these should be fairly recent.
simple search bar included


  • download the file

  • rename the extension from pdfhtml

    • (this is because discourse apparently does not accept any files other than the supported type)
  • once renamed to xxx.html just open the web page and the links / thumbnail can be clicked to go to the source

(this is an offline webpage with static links pulled from the database, the tool can be found here)

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Nice share, thank you.

There’s a distinction in sintering lingo between this style of Powder Metallurgy (pressed?) and ‘pressureless’. The 3d printing stuff is, of course, pressureless.

I think Pressureless covers all of metal injection molding and its offshoots. Everything we talk about in this style of PM is very analogous to MIM.

I think we may need to invent some new terms to use in our discussion.