Goodbye ender hello...?

Tenlog TL-D3 pro :slightly_smiling_face:

My new purchase is en-route and hope to be back “at it” next week. The interesting aspect of this printer is that it’s IDEX (independent dual extruder) so this opens a lot of possibilities including dissolvable support… or the possibility of mixing two different types of sinterable filament :open_mouth:

Sad to see the ender go but I’m a lot less sad now that I have a new one coming soon

Will be intresting to see how it goes. Never heard of them before but looks to a capable machine. Direct drive will certainly help with the TVF material.

Will be sure to post success or failure (hopefully… success)

Things are looking promising

So far I’ve been really impressed (compared to the ender 3) on the print quality. This was a test to see what it might print like with a different, cheaper support material in tandem with filamet.

I’m also interested in the dissolveable supports but they may be unnecessary for most prints if regular pla can be removed easy enough.

Next tests… obviously using filamet instead of red pla :sweat_smile:

I’m blown away with how well this printer putting down filamet compared to my ender.

I feel like I’ve been gimped this whole time haha :sweat_smile:

Also think the Pyrex will probably go down just as well now that I have a working (and direct drive) setup.

First layer with pla (grey) support and copper filamet. Notice that the copper laid down even better than regular pla. Really excited to see what I can make shoutout to @bradley :ok_hand:


Yeah, when tell people it prints better than PLA they assume I’m exaggerating, but I truly feel that it outperforms pla.

You can also get better overhangs. The copper conducts the heat away from the printing edge very quickly.


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Hollow upa supported by pla printed in copper hot off the press

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When are the pure metal upas finally getting unleashed?

If I had a working dual extruder setup right now I’d definitely be doing copper on a glass substrate as “EZ-bake PCBs” ™

Hopefully today hah. Just waiting for the kiln to cool down.

Pcb’s would be cool and may come with some interesting architectural possibilities (why just print a flat one :slight_smile: )