Janky filawarmer holder

Filawarmer ordered last week (haven’t got it yet) but I needed something to hang it from. Bought this “yard flag” (removed the flag) and drilled some holes in my printer desk (old TV stand).

Don’t know if it’ll work yet… but if it does looks a little better than what I’d probably make from pvc pipe

Finding a place to hang the filawarmer is the main reason I haven’t made it a part of my setup. For copper it’s not really necessary but for the steel I think I’ll have to resort to figuring out something like this. And you can hang stuff from the other side too!

It wasn’t necessary for me… that is until I changed my extruder. Grips a little too well and had three snaps in a row on the first layer (copper)

hmm… something you can adjust? That’s a bowden extruder, right?

Yeah it is a bowden. I’m thinking the only tunable piece would be the speed, but I’m already going pretty slow (20mm/s).
Hoping the filawarmer will do…

I can understand the need for Janky setup. I would recommend the filawarmer, definitely makes it easier, for me at least. My set up pic below. Mix of thingiverse files and tinkercad mash up.

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Well my setup seemed to properly hold the filawarmer… but I’m pretty disappointed to say that I see no noticeable difference in the snapping…
I can’t seem to print for more than a layer or two without the filament breaking at the input to the extruder.

Today was too frustrating to try more things… we’ll see what the weekend brings :man_shrugging:

:frowning: :frowning:

Hopefully you can figure out what’s different about your new extruder that’s causing it. definitely before you do steel, this stuff is a nightmare compared to the copper. Ready to start hanging hair dryers from the ceiling…

I think my old one was just warn out that it didn’t grip as much… I think tomorrow I’ll just try some insane low print speed.
I really don’t want to switch from bowden…

I changed over my bowden to direct drive as I can’t imagine printing this stuff through a bowden without a lot of baby sitting and losses through poor print quality. Highly recommend the microswiss direct drive for creality style machines.

If I didn’t just change out my extruder I’d probably be a lot more likely to go this route (and I still might have to)

I ordered a filament roller so the filament won’t have such a sharp bend going to the extruder and am planning on hanging my filawarmer in a horizontal rather than vertical feed position. :crossed_fingers: we’ll see what happens

I can understand the hesitancy. I would treat it a bit like brittle PLA if you have ever had that issue.
I used to reduce the amount of retractions, reduce the tension on the extruder spring and slow print speeds like 10-20mm/sec when I had brittle PLA issues.

Depending on how keen you are you could also try hitting the filament as it leaves the roll with some heat from a heat gun or hair dryer, would have to be careful but a small amount of heat might help

Best of luck

Thank you for the insight. Reducing the tension is probably a good thing to give a shot for sure since it’s a new extruder. Whatever works (something should…) I’ll be sure to share

The level of jank has been increased… but I think I have things working (at least better than before)

Using a spool roller and hanging the filawarmer in a horizontal fashion seems to be alleviating the sharp bend into the extruder :crossed_fingers:

Looking good, is there an option of unspooling with the filament coming off the spool at the bottom of the spool rather than the top, this might further reduce the angle into the extruder but will all depend on how high you are going to print. If it is a tall item then the way you have it is probably the way to go. :crossed_fingers:

Yes! Simply flip the spool around and it will feed from the bottom. I actually started with it that way, but the angle that I have the warmer at the moment seemed to reduce a little drag into the warmer. I actually did just have one snap, but I caught it in time to save the print.
There’s definitely room for improvement here… but I’m just happy to get printing again.

just keep printing, just keep printing