Printing Support Material

What support material have you used and what were the results?

Regular PLA as support and have been very happy using it to support copper filamet. Having the idex printer has been able to cut down on costs and let me try new things that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise

Thanks highball! Do you have any adhesion issues, as in, it sticks too much? Do you need to file the PLA off or does it snap off cleanly?

No problems at all. Supports come right off and I really don’t try to get every last piece since it’ll burn away during debind


I have used Polymaker’s Polydissolve with great results!


But how do you avoid dropping detail when debinding wide support?
I tried ceramic filamet as support for 316L. It can be removed after sintering.

I’ve never tried keeping the support on during sintering (using something that would withstandthe burnout anyway). Normally I just pack well in the refractory and cross my fingers