Sinter Trial Results and Feedback`

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Hello everyone,
I recently sintered 316l stainless steel filament

, and the sintered curve completely refers to the website provided, but the sintered product is not very ideal. As shown in the picture, There are so many holes,are there any other suggestions?

I am also curious about the holes (on the surface of the part, not the inside). Are they on just one side of the part? I am noticing that especially for higher temperatures.

I haven’t attempted steel yet, but I guess my questions would be

  • are you using vanilla instructions from VF recommendations or deviating a bit?
    • same refractory?
    • same ramp chart etc…?

I know I’ve been going off the rails a bit…

Hi, thank you for the reply,
Yes ,just one side of the part,I do not know why this is so…

Hi, thank you for the reply,
I found out that I did something wrong with the debind from 204~427 °C ,I only take 1.5 hours and what the VF recommend is 2 hours…I will correct this time for the next sintering,I would like to ask if the difference of 30 minutes is a lot(I mean 1.5 and 2 hours)?
Actually i didn’t use the refractory ballast…I only use graphite powder to bury things(As attached),because when i sintering the copper this way was good.
So if this is the reason why I failed in sintering,I will going to buy the refractory ballast.
I will correct the correct time first, and I will share it again after the sintering is completed next time.

Hi All,
I have been trialing Bronze and Ceramic with mixed success.
My biggest challenge has been dealing with a faulty thermocouple but the upside with the metal parts is that if careful when first removing then they can be re-sintered to get good parts.
All these have been sintered twice other than the ceramic one.
Hopefully now my kiln is operating correctly I can start to get things right first time.
Next up Copper and Stainless Steel

Glad we finally have a forum to share experiences.


Good luck looking forward to see the results :+1:

Looking good :+1:
Ditto to the forum, a big encouragement to see others trying stuff

Looks great! I should try some ceramic like that. It’s cool to see that you sintered twice too, maybe next time I won’t crush the parts when they come out then.

The sintering this time is much better than the last one.
I completely refer to the information provided by VF to sinter
But the shape of the dog’s bone is deformed and broken

Is that what it looks like right out of the oven? It certainly looks a lot metallic.

I think if it deforms and gets more rounded it at least means the metal sintered. The cracks might be from during the debinding process.

Is it strong? if you hit it with a hammer, does it crumble?

I have grind it.
Yes, I can’t break the dog bones with my hands soI think it has a certain degree of strength but i am not sure.
I will going to do the hardnesds test,I will come up every week to share the results of my sintering and we can discuss together.

Just a quick share of my first copper attempt. I am getting more consistent sintering now. I have adopted a two part sinter approach. I debind in on step, let the kiln cool to less than 200 degrees celcius and then do the sintering step with only a small hold at the temp I would normally debind at. Not sure why it works better than just a longer debind step but it does, for me anyway.

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Nice. Is that after some cleanup?

Yeah, it had about 30 minutes in a rock tumbler with some porcelain tumbling media, lemon juice and soap. I was pretty happy with it.

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Just a follow up on the ceramic, I tried applying a glaze to see if that would make the parts tougher, I applied a clear glaze and put the little jug back through the firing, It certainly made the part harder but did make the part warp .

I think i will try a lower firing temp glaze next time to see if I can find the right balance.

Integza’s aerospike nozzle body after sintering. It feels really good but could use some cleanup



Nice one, would be good to see post clean up.

Having a harder time with this one. I don’t know if it’s because I’m using a non-standard sintering carbon (ie. Woodchips…) or if it’s I’m just not sanding long enough. Have it soaking in vinegar over night so I should know something by tomorrow.
It feels really good and solid but the outside is jet black