Sintering Aluminum Prints

I saw that Highball posted a teaser on Youtube on this topic. I thought I would get out ahead of him and post some research on how to succeed.

This is one of our materials where we have commercial users that sinter it successfully. But in that arena the process is considered Intellectual Property, so no one shares.

That being said, here’s a page from the ultimate guide to sintering. I’m thinking all of the necessary info is in here. The challenge is scaling it to a desktop scale system.


Well, I might as well share the whole section…

It looks like Nitrogen is the most common shield gas used in sintering Aluminum.

(all of the pages are legible, though you may need to download the image to read it easily.)

If I get it working, you can bet I’ll share, but it does seem like a fun challenge (whether I succeed :man_shrugging:…) but my approach will be… well, slightly less refined :sweat_smile:

Looking at the pages I was pretty close with the sintering cycle on where I was going to start

@BradleyWoods / @Tricia.Suess I might be getting… closer?

These are oxidized (I think, or maybe just not sintered fully) but it’s better than a pile of dust (my first attempt…)

Oh snap @highball. If you got actual metal, you’ve gone farther than anyone else. Can’t wait to see the next one!

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No dice @Tricia.Suess / @BradleyWoods

I’ll have to go back to the drawing board to get aluminum to work :man_shrugging:

Got some ideas from some people on the internet and will have to make a followup if I can get it working

Every failure moves us closer to success. Nice work @highball!

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I’ve been putting more of an emphasis on adding to our research team here. So, more active recruiting and I think we’ll create a sub-reddit to see if we can find some interested parties over there.


Sweet! Let me know if you guys set one up and I’ll make sure to join it

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