Sintering vlog (rocket nozzle) - p.2

Here I print another youtuber’s aerospike nozzle body

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@WayneWayneHello pics of my next crucible. This one blows the other one away size wise (still drying unfortunately)

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Cool, are you using the Virtual Foundry’s recipe?

@3DEasy No I’m using a pre-mix of castable refractory. I don’t have a microscope to check porosity to compare against the vf’s recipe but it seems to be working for me

Looks great, here I am using those silly conical ones for casting. A nice wide boat like these make way more sense.

And really congrats on the nozzles, the last one looks fantastic, I tried the cutaway version myself but yours held the shape perfect. What powder are you packing everything in?

Tbh I had to look back at my first video to see what I used (another cowboy move to not use the standard recommendation)

I apparently bought another container of castable refractory and mixed it with 1:1 with the box of 80 grit aluminum oxide (think they use it normally for sand blasting :man_shrugging:).
Probably also important to note that 1:1 meaning what I had in the boxes. So it actually was 22lbs of refractory to 8lbs oxide, then I shook it up, got tired, drank a beer, and mixed it with a stick

you mixed it! It just looks way more “light” powdery than the oxide. Good to know there’s more than one thing that will work and survive the process.

Hah it was sweaty work too.
And the refractory is actually castable so it’s meant to be mixed. My theory was the 80 grit and the fine powdery refractory would work well together being different granule sizes and whatnot (it was a late night beer purchase so take this with a grain of salt)

Either way, it does seem to be working for me :slight_smile:

someone did a blog writeup on the video. Have to say that’s never happened to me before :blush:

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@bradley & @Tricia.Suess Integza took my recommendation after sending him my notes and your site

He has a bit more viewers than I do hah so hopefully it’ll help out with some sales :grin:

Thank you for cueing him in, @highball ! We’ve talked to Integza a couple of times now and learned that you told him about us. You’re famous!

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I was just watching this, where are all the new users?!?

And are you sure you’re not related to integza, by the way? There is a striking resemblance…

Hah no relation. I’m sure the user’s will come. Takes some time to get stuff shipped and a lot people probably sit on an idea for a while before “pulling the buy trigger” (I’m the opposite and buy a lot of things at the time of the idea… so… many… Amazon boxes)

400,000 views is a lot in a few days. Probably will end up being at least a million. So if we get a 1/500,000 conversion rate we can double our number of forum users :smiley:

I would like to see someone take the cost-cutting to the extreme with one of those microwave kilns (maybe for glass?), and then maybe they can put together like a 300 dollar kit where it’s really everything you need to get started with metal/glass printing. Oh man that would be cool…

I was hoping someone would do something with a microwave kiln haha.

I’ll let someone else carry that torch though

Right, maybe figuring out what power levels to set it too for debinding and sintering :smiley: it does sound fun though — microwave and inner reflective thingie are about a hundred bucks though so it’s pretty tempting.

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