SS316l test results

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This time I printed an enlarged version of the dog bone but I failed in the sintering …(as attached)

Its interior was not sintered successfully but a slight metallic luster can be seen on the surface. The difference from the previous one is that there is no carbon left this time.

Is it possible that oxidation is caused by running out of carbon?I have covered the crucible.

These are the successful test pieces

Yeah if you ran out of carbon during firing, oxidation will ruin the parts. Depending how far into it that it runs out you can sometimes still get a semi-succesful sinter, but in my experience there’s normally a pretty thick oxidation layer around the part that has to be cleaned off

Thanks for the reply.
I’ll try to increase the carbon next time.
Have you ever sintering some stainless steel before?

Np, and no I’ve stuck primarily to copper. I have done some tests with the Pyrex too, but I need to revisit that.

I’d like to branch out and test some of the others, but I don’t have a use case to justify the higher costs yet

My sintered parts usually have only the surface sintered successfully, and the inside is brittle, resulting in low tensile strength. The entire sintering process is based on the method provided by the official. After the sintering is completed, there will be carbon left. I think I should increase the sintering temperature…

I use 1265C for 316L