"Tabletop" inspired prints - vlog p.5

:wave: a while since my last video, but printer problems and a few Amazon boxes later…

A few things I try out

  • multi material prints
    • pla as support
    • idex printer testing
  • liquid phase / infiltration
    • v2 of zinc putty
  • gas escape holes for <100% infill prints

I’m printing on a Raise 3D E2 and using Polydissolve as support and it works well and sticks! Plus you can submerge the whole part plus support into water and the support will simply melt away and the metal will not rust due to the plastic covering it!

Glad to hear that works! Was thinking about getting some myself which should allow for some interesting pieces to printed. Getting the refractory in and out of tight spots is still a challenge though

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I always print 100% infill so no spots to get anything into or out of except crevices and if you use the talc sintering ballast then that shouldn’t be an issue.

But yeah! Dissolvable supports are amazing!!

I haven’t tried talc yet… I’ll have to look into that :grin:
And I was more thinking harder to get to internal structures

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Oh, right! Yeah, they have it in stock and highly recommend it over other sintering media for some filaments that don’t require sapphire.

Also yeah… I don’t print any internal cavities for the most part… unless I have like 5-10 shells it will sag as I have seen in your videos after your round print came out I could tell it sagged at the top.

I would go from 50% gyroid infill (as gyroid adds strength in all axes and has good support in general) and see if that fixes sagging. As a general rule of thumb hollow voids will sag the part in sintering as it is partially melting the metal so I would avoid any out-rite voids with 0% infill.

My first tries I had the same thought with gyroid and did go up to ~50ish percent, but looking back adding a thicker shell would be something else to try in tandem. The problem I was seeing is that nothing can really support the infill, so lately I was putting some brain cells towards thinking of a way to infuse the piece and fill cavities with some kind of liquid ballast that hardens (kinda like how a resin would) but then would either gradually burn out or that could withstand the heat and use some chemical process to remove.

Spoilers… I didn’t get very far past the idea :sweat_smile:

Figuring out some way to use less than 100% infill effectively has been a challenge I’d like to solve. I think it would open up the possibility for parts with internal structures and really cost effective prints… but for now solid it is (with the occasional hollow bottom and refractory stuffing)

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That’s a good idea in theory but setting it to ≈10 shells and at least 50% infill will get you very far most likely.

Yeah I agree (certainly for smaller parts anyway). For bigger things who knows, but it’s definitely a costly thing to try and experiment with. I’ve got a big “crucible” but I haven’t convinced myself yet that I could get a success with something that utilizes the space

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I’m going to conduct tests with spheres so that should prove the concept well enough when I get to it.

I’m also printing my own crucibles and kids out of the Zircopax and will use them for my debinding and sintering. I’ll have to send them away to be fired as my kiln only goes to 1350* max. But my kiln is very large (multiple feet in X, Y, and Z) so I’ll be able to sinter large things!

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Woah, would love to see some results :+1::+1:

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Absolutely!! I plan to eventually print in the entire build volume (minus a factor of safety of an inch or so) of my build volume of the raise 3D E2!!!

Go big or go home I say!

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Upcoming vid showing off some results between Copper filamet and lost resin. Above is a copper “mini” printed at .2mm. Needs more cleaning, but… I’m pretty happy so far with the detail captured (and almost no warping)

Not bad but printing at .1mm will give you twice the detail! I would love to see that test

Yup, just not sure if my .8 nozzle will get that low hah

Hmm. Not sure either but my .6mm solex Ruby nozzles chug through filament like a champ!

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Copper is VF and silverish is lost resin. My first attempt at casting so there’s some mistakes, but overall pretty happy with both results. Video will come soon

Closeup on VF