That time again - p.3 vlog

This time I try to print an “in place” gear and use make a large crucible to do it.

I thought this one was great, even if the gears becoming fused was a bit sad. It is a challenging problem how to make it all fit if the outside and inside gears shrink at different rates. Maybe necessary even to print them separately. Like my bolt and nut where the nut was too tight out of the printer and too loose out of the oven.

I also think that your coin has a really nice solid crystal on the back, unless that is from polishing.

Also as brad said I think steel tool wrap is the standard for getting a semi-sealed hot temp container, it’s what they use in metal clay sintering too! I need to order some myself some time… like that ultrasonic oven you have…

PS the little black spots at the top of the white refractory when you take it out is probably potash.

Thanks dude!
Potash huh? Learn something new everyday.

Not sure how much the steel tool wrap runs, but if it’s pretty affordable I’ll need to snag some myself (I know the copper tape was pretty cheap).

Got some closer shots of the coin below

Not sure the type of crystal that would form, but I can certainly say there was a shell around all the parts this burn. It peeled off pretty easy after the bath, but I was pretty certain I had failed sinters when I first opened the kiln. To my surprise… things worked out.

Thanks for the coin closeup! Definitely worth scanning if you want to mail it to me ;)

I’ve been noticing that “shell” more and more with debinding experiments. Still not sure what it is but I think it might be involved in holding the shape and supporting the part. I’ll include this in my eventual post describing my adventures in glass but here’s what it looks like when you debind a piece of that (and poke the shell):

Unlike the copper which holds its shape somewhat after debinding, this was like a bag of glass beads that poured out, all still perfectly shapes and clean. Really weird.

Yeah dude I’ll mail it just dm me the address. I enjoyed the video on the rig you built and peeked over the code :eyes:

Hmmmmm okay let’s do it!